Feeding Families Initiative

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In supporting our communities, the most basic of necessities are important for families to thrive and prosper.

Among these necessities, adequate access to food and nourishment is an essential element of daily life.

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Unfortunately, for many families this is not the case with tens of thousands of American adults and children face food insecurity on a daily basis. This is why ChoiceLifeQuote.com has established the Feeding Families Initiative, where our team makes a donation equivalent to five meals for each life insurance quote initiated through the program page.

In line with Benjamin Franklin's philosophy of "doing well by doing good," we have committed to this program to support families in our local and national community within the course of our routine business activities.

Through our Feeding Families Initiative, you simply request a quote to feed a family.

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Request a Quote,

Feed a Family

Disclaimer: Through the Feeding Families Initiative, ChoiceLifeQuote.com make a donation to Feeding America equal to five meals for each life insurance quote request initiated through the program webpage at https://choicelifequote.com/feedingfamilies. The donation amount is limited to one quote per individual consumer and a total of one thousand meals per month. For questions please reach our to our team directly at (800) 770-8229.