The death of a loved one can be extremely difficult from an emotional standpoint, but also presents certain financial and logistical challenges.  It is often the responsibility of surviving family members to make final arrangements and settle the decedent’s estate, which includes identifying and filing claims on any active life insurance policies.Given these often-unexpected responsibilities.. More

American National Insurance Company has excellent ratings and a long history of quality service to policyholders. But, how do the company’s life insurance products and customer service compare to other insurers? And, what types of life insurance plans and policies are available through American National? American National Insurance Company (800) 899-6806 Account Login Customer Service Policy Claims In.. More

Prudential Financial and subsidiaries such as The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Pruco Life Insurance Company, and others are well-known and highly respected names in the insurance and financial services industry. But, does being well-known actually mean that Prudential life insurance is among the best? And, what types of life insurance coverage do Prudential insurance companies offer?.. More

Protective Life Insurance Company has a reputation for both solid insurance products and customer service.  But, how do the company’s insurance products and services stack up against other industry leaders? What types of coverage does Protective offer consumers? And, what are the company’s financial ratings? Protective Life Insurance Company (800) 866-9933 ​MyAccount Login Customer Service Policy Claims.. More

It is fairly common for patients to seek advice and treatment for depression or anxiety related conditions. In fact, it is so common that this information is often initially omitted when applying for life insurance with depression or a similar diagnosis. So, is depression a preexisting condition that should be disclosed when applying for life insurance?.. More

American General Life Insurance Company is a well-known brand in the insurance and financial services industry. ​But, how does it compare to other companies offering similar products? What industry ratings has the company earned? These types of questions are frequently asked by consumers when comparing the company’s rates and products to those of other insurers. American General Life Insurance.. More

In working with clients, we routinely run across common medical conditions. Sleep apnea is one such diagnosis that often concerns life insurance applicants. So, can you get affordable life insurance with sleep apnea? This question is understandable given the potential health effects and complications associated with sleep apnea and other similar disorders.Luckily, the short answer is.. More

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, also known as Guaranteed Issue, is a form of permanent life insurance in which your application is always accepted. Sound too good to be true? While the word, “guarantee” has a nice ring to it, it’s important to understand what is behind that promise. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance can make all the sense in the.. More

Most Americans struggle with weight at some point during their lifetime. As a result, we often receive questions from consumers about life insurance for overweight individuals, or how being overweight will affect their life insurance application and premium rates. These concerns are completely understandable given the number of people who face challenges related to obesity and.. More