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Cheap Life Insurance: 13 Tips for Getting the Best Rates

In considering life insurance to protect the ones you love it is important to get the best rates possible.   However, finding cheap life insurance can sometimes be easier said than done for consumers navigating the complicated and ever changing world of financial services.These challenges are completely understandable given the complexity of different policy options and…
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Life Insurance for Stay at Home Parents (Value of a SAHM)

In many instances, families make the decision for one parent to stay home to care for young children while the other works to provide financially for the household.  Given that the stay at home parent makes significant contributions to the family but may not have a source of income the need for life insurance can…
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Collateral Assignment of Life Insurance (Including Key Steps in the Process)

In the world of personal finance, bank loans of one type or another are a routine occurrence.  It is also common for business owners to borrow money in starting a new venture and/or funding the expansion of an existing enterprise.  In securing such loans, lenders often require a life insurance policy on the borrower. Many…
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How much life insurance do I need? (Including “Rules of Thumb”)

Most Americans agree that life insurance is an important part of their overall financial plan.  However, determining an appropriate amount of coverage can be a challenge for many consumers. In working with clients, we are often asked questions such as: How much life insurance do I need?  What should be considered in selecting coverage? Or, should I…
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How to Find a Life Insurance Policy Exists (Including Online Resources)

The death of a loved one can be extremely difficult from an emotional standpoint, but also presents certain financial and logistical challenges.  It is often the responsibility of surviving family members to make final arrangements and settle the decedent’s estate, which includes identifying and filing claims on any active life insurance policies.Given these often-unexpected responsibilities…
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5 Essential Facts About Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, also known as Guaranteed Issue, is a form of permanent life insurance in which your application is always accepted. Sound too good to be true? While the word, “guarantee” has a nice ring to it, it’s important to understand what is behind that promise. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance can make all the sense in the…
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Guaranteed Universal Life: Lifetime Coverage with the Lowest Possible Premiums

Many consumers have a need for long-term life insurance coverage, but are not necessarily interested in accumulating cash value. It is also important to many policy owners to have the flexibility to make adjustments to their policy as life circumstances change. In cases where lifetime guarantees and flexibility are important, guaranteed universal life insurance may…
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How Life Insurance Works: 13 Questions Frequently Asked by Consumers

The majority of Americans would agree that owning life insurance coverage is an extremely important part of their overall financial plan, yet many consumers are unsure exactly how life insurance works. This confusion by consumers is completely understandable given the number of companies, agents, and policies available in today’s marketplace. Most people believe that owning life…
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Accidental Death Insurance: Maximum Accident Only Coverage at Minimal Cost

Many people have a need for life insurance protection, but either cannot qualify for traditional coverage or cannot afford expensive premiums. There are also those who simply need supplemental coverage provided by accidental death insurance.  So, are there coverage options other than traditional life insurance? In certain instances, accidental only coverage can be a great option and/or…
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