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Final Expense Life Insurance: Keys to Understanding Burial Coverage

Most people hate the thought of being a burden to family and friends later in life. Yet, an individual’s final expenses are often the responsibility of those left behind. In planning for final expenses many people chose to purchase final expense life insurance..  The need to make final arrangements is a common concern among individuals…
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Types of Life Insurance: Insider Secrets to Comparing Policy Options

Most Americans believe they need life insurance to provide a foundation of security for their families. However, choosing between the different types of life insurance plans available in the marketplace can be a challenge. This is an important consideration, since the coverage you choose can provide not only financial protection but also significant peace of mind…
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Life Insurance Living Benefits: 8 Ways to Use Your Policy While Still Alive

Many people shy away from conversations about the need for life insurance because of the sobering nature of the topic. But, life insurance living benefits can be a different story. Let’s face it… Considering the possibility of not being here for our loved ones is not pleasant. However, there are instances were life insurance pays off even…
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Term Life Insurance: Simple Low Cost Coverage

Consumers often ask about term life insurance, and whether term life is the best coverage option. Questions about term life are completely understandable given the reoccurring television ads and numerous financial gurus promoting this type of coverage day in and day out.This article, Term Life Insurance: Simple Low-Cost Coverage, provides an overview of term life and…
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No Exam Life Insurance: How to Get Coverage Without a Medical Exam

​​​​Is it possible to get life insurance without taking a medical exam? The short answer is... YES, with no exam life insurance. Applying for life coverage can be a lengthy and somewhat complicated process that may include a completing medical exam, providing medical records, the review of medical, prescription, and driving reports, and other requirements. If you have a…
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