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Credit Scores: What is a good credit score?

In working with consumers related to life insurance coverage, many applicants are surprised to learn that insurance companies routinely check credit and credit scores as part of the standard underwriting process. This often brings up questions about personal credit and scores such as...What is a good credit score? How can I check my credit score? Or… How…
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How much life insurance do I need? “Rules of Thumb”

Most Americans agree that life insurance is an important part of their overall financial plan.  However, determining an appropriate amount of coverage can be a challenge for many consumers. In working with clients, we are often asked questions such as: How much life insurance do I need? What should be considered in selecting coverage? Or, should I…
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Term Life Insurance: Simple Low-Cost Coverage

Consumers often ask about term life insurance and whether term life is the best coverage option. Questions about term life are completely understandable given the reoccurring television ads and numerous financial gurus promoting this type of coverage day in and day out.This article, Term Life Insurance: Simple Low-Cost Coverage, provides an overview of term life and…
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