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Life Insurance for Marijuana Users (420 Friendly Insurers)

The use of marijuana has become somewhat more mainstream in recent years, with trends in medical marijuana prescriptions and an increasing number of states legalizing the drug’s recreational use.  As a result, our team occasionally receives questions related to life insurance for marijuana users. Common questions include…Can someone who smokes marijuana get life insurance? Do…
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Life Insurance for Smokers and Tobacco Users (Including Insider Tips)

The number of smokers has decreased in recent decades, but many Americans continue to use tobacco products in one form or another.  As a result, we frequently receive questions related to life insurance for smokers or the use of other forms of tobacco. Common consumer questions include… Is life insurance for smokers more expensive?If I quit smoking,…
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woman life insurance with depression

Qualifying for Life Insurance with Depression (Including FAQs)

It is fairly common for patients to seek advice and treatment for depression or anxiety-related conditions. It is so common that this information is often initially omitted when applying for life insurance with depression or a similar diagnosis. So, is depression a preexisting condition that should be disclosed when applying for life insurance? If so, is it possible…
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sleeping - life insurance with sleep apnea

Qualifying for Life Insurance with Sleep Apnea (Including FAQs)

In working with clients, we routinely run across common medical conditions. Sleep apnea is one such diagnosis that often concerns life insurance applicants. So, can you get affordable life insurance with sleep apnea? This question is understandable given the potential health effects and complications associated with sleep apnea and other similar disorders.Luckily, the short answer is…
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Life Insurance for Overweight Individuals (Recommendations)

Most Americans struggle with weight at some point during their lifetime. As a result, we often receive questions from consumers about life insurance for overweight individuals or how being overweight will affect their life insurance application and premium rates. These concerns are entirely understandable given the number of people who face challenges related to obesity and associated…
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woman life insurance and suicide

Life Insurance and Suicide: 5 Important Considerations

We occasionally receive questions from consumers related to life insurance and suicide.  Does life insurance pay for suicidal death?  Is it possible to get life insurance after a suicide attempt?These and other similar questions about life insurance and suicide are understandable given the complicated nature of policy contracts. The following article, Life Insurance and Suicide: 5…
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Life Insurance for Cancer Patients and Survivors (Including FAQs)

A cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a family member, often causes people to take a hard look at planning for their family’s future. As part of this planning process, clients often ask questions about getting life insurance coverage for cancer patients and/or survivors.Questions related to life insurance with cancer are understandable given the impact…
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man and daughter - life insurance with high blood pressure

Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure (Including FAQs)

Many Americans struggle with high blood pressure or hypertension.  As a common medical condition, we often do not consider the implications of getting life insurance with high blood pressure until applying for coverage.Questions about qualifying for life insurance with high blood pressure or while taking blood pressure medication are extremely common. The following article, Life Insurance…
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Life Insurance for Diabetics: 7 Tips to Qualifying for Coverage

Individuals with a history of diabetes often ask how this diagnosis can affect life insurance for diabetics. So, can diabetics get life insurance? These questions and associated concerns are completely understandable given the potential severity of this all too common disease. The short answer is YES. It is often possible to get affordable life insurance for diabetics. The…
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